1. The Fees for each semester must be paid in one installment.

  2. All Students are expected to keep the cash receipts safely for all the fees paid in order to produce the same, if necessary.

  3. If a student is found that false information has been given or suppressed any necessary fact he / she shall be summarily dismissed and will have to forfeit the fees paid thereof.

  4. If a student, who has duly paid his / her fees leaves the college, he / she will be furnished with a Transfer Certificate on application to the Principal provided that he / she applies for it not later than the 5th working day from the date of his / her discontinuation of studies.

  5. A Student who withdraws from the college in the course of the year shall be required to pay all the fees due from him / her before he / she is given his / her certificates.

  6. A student who desires a certificate of character should apply for it in writing, stating his / her full name, Class, and Roll Number and how long he / she has attended the college and also the purpose for which the certificate is required.

  7. The Principal reserves the right to issue T.C. to any Student at any time in the course of the Academic Year and compel him / her to leave the college for reason of his / her indiscipline, or lack of progress in studies or attendance, or non-payment of fees to the college or Hostel, or illness considered contagious.