1. The Students are expected to be in their respective classes at the stroke of the first bell which will be rung ten minutes before the commencement of each session.

    No late comer shall enter the class without the permission of the teacher concerned.

  2. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of every hour. A Student who is not present shall lose his / her attendance.

  3. The attendance certificate on behalf of the student will be sent to the University only if he / she has secured 3/4th of the attendance prescribed by the college for a semester. However, no student has a claim to absent himself / herself for 1/4th of the working days of each semester. No student shall absent himself from the college without applying for leave.

  4. The students who want to avail leave should apply only through the prescribed leave form available in the college office. The form can be received from the college office on payment of one rupee each.

  5. Application for leave of absence should be addressed to the principal and submitted through the respective Head of the Department. It must also counter-signed in the case of day scholars by parents or guardians and in the case of hostelers by the Deputy Warden of the Hostel. The Principal will not consider the leave application, unless it is recommended and counter-signed as stated above.

  6. A student frequently absenting himself / herself from the College shall not be considered to have completed the course satisfactorily for that year and he / she cannot claim for the Course Certificate.

  7. NCC / NSS students who avail leave for attending camps, certificate examination or for participating in cultural events or competitions should get the leave letter signed by the NCC officers concerned or NSS Programme Officers and counter-signed by the Principal and the same shall be submitted to the Head of the Department concerned.

  8. The Students participating in cultural events / competitions / seminars representing the Department should get the permission letter signed by the Head of the Department.

  9. All leave applications shall be submitted by 10 a.m. on the day of absence. When the absence is due to sudden and unforeseen causes, the applications for leave shall be made as soon as possible and when the student is incapacitated from applying for leave due to serious illness, the Parent or Guardian is expected to apply on his / her behalf.

  10. Where illness is the ground for leave, a Medical Certificate issued by a qualified Medical Practitioner should accompany the application.

  11. If a student is absent for five consecutive working days without applying for leave, and if the Principal is not satisfied with the reason for not submitting the leave letter in time, his / her name will be removed from the rolls. However, he / she may be readmitted on payment of a readmission fee of Rs.10.00.

  12. A fine of Re. 1 per hour or part there of and Rs. 5 for a day will be levied for absence without leave letter. An Absentee on the first day of a term will be fined Rs. 5. The fine shall be paid on or before the last working day of the week, after the fine list is put up on the notice board.

  13. A student who disturbs his class may be expelled from that class by the staff concerned and that student shall be deemed absent for 1/2 day without leave. If he / she is found repeating the offense, he / she is liable to be expelled from the college.

  14. Monthly reports of the attendance of the students will be sent to the parent / guardian.

  15. Absconders from classes, habitual absentees and those students who give attendance by proxy and their accomplices shall be dealt with severely. The punishment may involve heavy fine, suspension or removal from the college.

  16. A Student will be permitted to appear for the University examination only if his / her progress in studies and conduct is Satisfactory.