Department of Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of theoretical foundation of information and computation and practical techniques for the implementation and application in computer systems. It is frequently described as the systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information. Computer Science has many sub-fields such as Computer Graphics which emphasizes the computation of specific results, computational complexity theory which involves the study of properties of computational problems.

The Department of Computer Science, the youngest in the Aided stream, was started in 1988.The Department is headed by Hajee S.Sirajudeen, an alumnus of the Department of Physics. The Department contains a faculty of equal age, qualifications and open minded attitude towards the development of the students, which is certainly a root of success. Since its inception, it has been growing leaps and bounds. Computer Science being a job oriented course attracts students both from urban areas and rural areas.

The timely and appropriate counselling extended by the staff helps the students to pursue higher education in different courses in various institutions. Many of the department alumni are placed in reputed software companies in India, Middle East, UAE, USA, Europe and Australia. Department has won many a times the Rolling Cup awarded by the College for achieving highest percentage of results in the University Examinations.

Hajee. Mr. S. SIRAJUDEEN, M.Sc., PGDCA., M.S.,Head & Associate Professor
Mr. M. MOHAMED MEERAN, B.E., (Hons.)Associate Professor
Mr. M. SULTHAN IBRAHIM, M.Sc., PGDCA.,Associate Professor
Mr. S. PEER MOHAIDEEN MUDALALI,M.Sc., PGDCA., M.Phil.,Associate Professor
Ms. S. SOPHIA RANI, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,Assistant Professor