Information Technology now lies at the heart of almost every business and every organization across the globe. This degree is primarily focused on subjects such as software, databases, and networking. In general, computer science degrees tend to focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing rather than emphasizing specific technologies.

Information technology refers to computing systems used to collect, record, organize and access data. Many career paths are available in this broad field.Some professionals specialize in developing computerized databases, networks and other programs; these individuals are known as architects. Other IT professionals serve as the administrators for these programs. Additional job titles include software and web developers, computer programmers, systems analysts and computer support specialists. Students can land most information technology jobs with a bachelor's degree in IT.

Graduates with an information technology background are able to perform technology tasks relating to the processing, storing, and communication of information between computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. Information technology as a field emphasizes the secure management of large amounts of variable information and its accessibility via a wide variety of systems both local and worldwide.

The department of Information Technology was established in the year 1998 under self – finance scheme. In 1998 the department started with the course of PGDCA. The M.Sc., CS & IT and B.Sc., IT was introduce in the year of 2000 and 2001 respectively. The department has computer lab and Digital lab with full furnished 60 computers and digital kit respectively. Two of our PG students R. Poonkuzhali and J.Julfia Hismath are university rank holders. They secure II and III rank level respectively in the year 2006.

The timely and appropriate counseling extended by the staff helps the students to pursue higher education in different courses in various institutions. Many of the department alumni are placed in reputed software companies all over in India and abroad.

Ms. J. THASLEEN FATHIMA, M.C.A., M.Phil.,Head & Associate Professor
Ms. G. MANONMANI, M.C.A., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
Mr. A. K. JENARTHANAN, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
Ms. R. KARTHIGAI CHELVI, M.C.A., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
Mr. C. SHEIK MYDEEN, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,Assistant Professor
Mr. K. A. SHEIK FAREED, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
Mr. K. ISCAQ FAIZAL, M.C.A., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
Ms. R. NESHANA, B.Tech., M.E.,Assistant Professor
Mr. A. PEER MOHAMED, M.C.A., SET.,Assistant Professor
Mr. Z. ABDUL BASITH, M.Sc., M.Phil., SET.,Assistant Professor