Differently Abled



  • The college admits all the academically eligible physically challenged students who apply for the different programmes.
  • Special counselling is given to them to make them feel to ease by the designated counsellor.
  • Ramps are provided for their easy mobility at the entrance of all the buildings.
  • Banisters are provided in all the staircases for their safe movements.
  • Wheel chairs are available to them for their usage whenever necessary.
  • Separate rest rooms have been provided to them.
  • Separate vehicle parking area.
  • The physically challenged are allowed to make use of the assistance of scribes for writing examinations.
  • Examination halls have been provided to them in the ground floor.
  • The college helps them to get scholarships from the government.
  • Arrangements are made to get them UDID and state government ID card through the college eService Centre.