IQAC Composition


Hajee. Dr. H. MOHAMED MEERAN, Principal

Hajee. Mr. S. SIRAJUDEEN, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science

Assistant Coordinator
Mr. S. PEER MOHAIDEEN MUDALALI, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Management − Nominees
Hajee. M. DHARVESH MOHIDEEN, Secretary & Correspondent
Hajee. S. MOHAMED MEERAN, Managing Committee Member

Faculty − Nominees
Dr. M. SANTHI, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Hajee. Dr. M. KAMAL NASAR, Associate Professor in Chemistry
Dr. G. RAMANAN, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Economics

Local Society − Nominee
Hajee. Dr. K. SHAHUL HAMEED, Former Principal

Administrative Officers − Nominee
Mr. S. SYED ABTHAGEER, Office Superintendent

Alumni − Nominee
Hajee. Dr. A. SYED SULTHAN IBRAHIM, Chief Medical Officer [Rtd.]

Student − Nominees
Mr. J. MOHAMED APSAR, Roll No. 1610633
Ms. S. SHARLIJA JAINAF, Roll No. 1610535