Research Guides

List of Research Guides

The following is the list of Ph.D., guides.

Sl. No.Name of the StaffSubject
1.Dr. G. Selvaraj       [Retired]Botany
2.Dr. K. Saleem Khan[Retired]Commerce
3.Dr. M. Syed Meera Lebbai    [Retired]Commerce
4.Dr. H. Mohamed MeeranEnglish
5.Dr. A. Mohamed JaffarCommerce
6.Dr. S. Hasan BanuCommerce
7.Dr. G. RamananEconomics
8.Dr. M. Mohamed SheriffMathematics
9.Dr. S. Varghese JayarajHistory
10.Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed MeeranHistory
11.Dr. A. Mujiber RahmanPhysics
12.Dr. M. Charles RobertPhysics
13.Dr. M. kamal NassarChemistry
14.Dr. K. Shahul HameedChemistry
15.Dr. A. Abbas ManthiriCommerce
16.Dr. A. Mohamed SaliCommerce
17.Dr. A. Sulthan MohideenCommerce
18.Dr. M. Mohamed MeeranZoology
19.Dr. B. Akbar AliPhysical Education

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