Rules Library


  1. Hours of work:

    The library will be kept open on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. On holidays, the library will be closed.

    The Library will also remain closed for a month during the Summer Vacation.

  2. Membership

    All Students and Staff are members of the Library.

  3. Sections

    The Library consists of the following Sections.

    • Reference
    • Lending
    • Reading

  4. Reference Section

    It consists of Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries, Year Books, Atlases, Art Collections, bound volumes of periodicals and works which are rare and in constant demand for consultation. The books found in this section are to be referred to within the library itself.

  5. On exceptional circumstances, books from the reference section may be lent to members of the Teaching Staff for overnight use only.

  6. Lending Section:

    All books except those kept under the Reference Section belong to the Lending Section.

  7. Books are lent from this section to students on all working days.

  8. Every student is entitled to borrow two books at a time.

  9. The students are prohibited from sub-lending the library books.

  10. The required Books should be applied for in the prescribed form. The Books already lent to others will be issued to the applicant in the order of priority or registration for which a separate register is being maintained in the library.

  11. Applications from students for books shall be dropped in the box specially kept for the purpose at the library counter before 12.00 noon. Books will be issued by the Librarian between 3.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. only.

  12. Books borrowed from the library shall be returned on any working day before 2.30 p.m.

  13. Books borrowed may ordinarily be kept for a fortnight, or for such short periods as maybe fixed by the Librarian. They should be returned on or before the due date. Failure to return the books in time will entail a fine of one rupee per day. Sundays and other recognized holidays are included. Until the fine is paid at the College office, and the receipt obtained is produced to the Librarian, the student concerned cannot further enjoy the privilege of using the library.

  14. Absence from the College will not ordinarily be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of books.

  15. A book lent may be recalled at any time by the Librarian for the purpose of stock-taking, cataloguing or for any special reasons before the expiry of the normal period of lending. The book may be re-issued to the same reader if he / she so desires, after considering the purpose for which it has been recalled, provided that there is no applicant.

  16. On receiving a book, a student must examine whether they are in good condition and report to the Librarian in case of any damage or defect found therein. Otherwise the last borrower shall be held responsible for any damage or defective condition of the book and shall either replace the book or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Librarian.

  17. Any marking / underlining / clipping / tracing or annotating in books or causing any kind of damage is absolutely forbidden.

  18. Similarly students shall be severely dealt with for any damage to other properties of the Library.

  19. If one book of a particular set or series is damaged or lost and a new volume is not separately available, the whole set or series have to be replaced or compensated for by the borrower. The damaged or defective book or set series will be given to the borrower after such replacement.

  20. The students must return the books borrowed five days before the end of each semester. Books issued to them for Terminal holidays shall be returned within three days from the date of re-opening of the succeeding semester.

  21. Students appearing for the University examinations shall return all the books by the beginning of March. Only then their term certificates will be sent to the University. Thereafter library books shall not be issued to them.

  22. No Transfer Certificate or Conduct Certificate shall be issued to a student who fails to return all the books lent to him / her.

Reading Room:

  1. The latest newspapers, magazines and other periodicals will be placed on the table in the Reading Room.

  2. They shall not be taken from the Reading Room or from the places assigned to each one of them.

  3. Volumes of Periodical and magazines are lent only to the members of the staff. On no account, current issues of periodicals will be lent.

  4. Strict silence, discipline and decorum should be observed in the Library and in the Reading Room.