Bayt ul-mal is an Arabic term that is translated as "House of money" or "House of Wealth". In Islam the word refers to the money collected from the wealthy muslims and deposited in the treasury. The money is spent for the welfare of the people. Taking this concept in to account, to help the needy muslim students to meet their academic financial requirements, a financial aid fund in the name of Baithulmal was setup in the year 2011. The contribution to this scheme comes from the college teachers and well-wishers in the society. This scheme is managed by a committee headed by a co-ordinator who is assisted by the members of the committee.


Hajee Dr. H. Mohamed Meeran, PrincipalChairperson
Hajee Mr. S. Sirajudeen, Head & Associate Professor of Computer ScienceCoordinator
Mr. M. Mohamed Meeran, Associate Professor of Computer ScienceMember
Hajee Mr. A. Aboobacker Siddiq, Assistant Professor of HistoryMember
Mr. A. Ahamed Faize, Assistant Professor of ArabicMember


Academic YearNumber of BeneficiariesAmount Distributed in Rs.
2012-20134₹ 6,900
2013-20148₹ 34,975
2014-20158₹ 22,000
2015-20167₹ 9,675
2016-20178₹ 22,500
2017-201839₹ 1, 02,660