Dr. S. R. Ranganathan coined the term Library Science, a term that embodied his idea that Librarianship could be thought of in terms of scientific principles that governed all the activities of librarians. Library and Information Science has been defined as a discipline oriented toward providing access to vast amounts of accumulated knowledge and information. This profession devoted to applying theory and technology to the creation, selection, organization, management, preservation, dissemination, and utilization of collections of information in all formats. At present, the growth of electronic and social media leads the users to enrich their knowledge through surfing on web content

The Library and Information Science Club of the college established in the year of 2010. The Library and Information Science club create awareness about library and information sources and also understand the regular activities of the library. It provides the learner with basic knowledge and skills in library and information studies. It helps the students to know about the collection of resources and systems of the library. The knowledge will help them to execute values in their student life and also personal life. The efficient collection and management of books, journals, and magazines while ensuring that the information needs of end users

Objectives of the club

  • To enhance the students’ learn new things in their subjects.
  • To provide support the researchers through orientation programs like how to write proposals and articles.
  • To create platform to know the current affairs through reading journals and magazines.
  • To motivate the reading habits among the students through “Best Library User Award”
  • To enable the students to acquire knowledge regarding importance of Libraries in the context of social, economic, political, scientific and technological environment.
  • To enable the students to understand different levels of information systems in the society and their functions.
  • To enable the students acquire knowledge regarding basic idea about worldwide web.
  • To enable the students understanding of Internet and Information Technology and its applications in Library and Information Science.
  • To enable the students apply their knowledge in various library practices

The activities of the Club

Internal Library Tour

Visit the library sections and know the classification, cataloguing and regular activities.

Guest Lecture

The leading writers or professionals will deliver the guest lecture about reading and leading the life.

Class Hours

The classes will be conducted for the students about classification, cataloguing, resources of the library both physical and electronic and library administration.



Dr. R. RENGANATHAN, Librarian


Mr. R. KARTHIK, Assistant Professor of Tamil