Our vision is to provide the best type of higher education to all, especially to students hailing from minority Muslim community, rural agricultural families and other deprived, under privileged sections of the society, inculcating the sense of social responsibility in them. Our college is committed to produce talented, duly-bound citizens to take up the challenges of the changing times.


Our mission is to impart and inculcate social values, spirit of service and religious tolerance as envisioned by our beloved Founder President Hajee Karutha Rowther.

The Vision beckons …….. the Mission continuous forever.


Built on the vision that education serves as a keystone in improving society and building better future for all, we commit to our core values of …..


  • We strive to develop and pursue higher standards.                     
  • We value high quality educational curriculum designed to meet the career and transfer needs of our community.
  •  We equally value an environment of academic success and wellness for all our students through effective integrated support services.


  • Compassion demands high commitment, courage of conviction, sensitivity, understanding and care.


  • Our college believes it is essential to assist members of the broader community in gaining access to higher education and achieving success in their chosen endeavors.
  • Our college values its role in the community and is dedicated to strengthen and enrich the quality of life of all those we serve.


  • We are focused on promoting the sense of social responsibilities in students by involving them in various social activities.
  • We create awareness about latest and important social issues in individual and give them a broader perspective of understanding, the causes and possible solutions related to various social issues.


  • We are committed to ensure that all members of the college community are accountable for their work in support of the college, its mission, and ideals.                     
  • We assume and demonstrate responsibility for personal and professional growth and development.
  •  We establish and communicate clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives.


  • Encouragement is provided for critical and quantitative thinking, effective communication, ethical decision making and social obligation in our students.                      
  • A motivated workforce means a highly productive staff, all of which will help you achieve the organizational goals and vision, and for that, we as an Institute work in the direction of a motivated environment for staff and students.


  • We uphold the highest ethical standards, striving for institutional and personal integrity in all that we do.      
  •  We are committed to practices that are fair, honest and objective in dealing with students, faculty members, support staff and stake holders of Institution at all levels.


  • We believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond and strengthening the college.
  • We recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the strength of diversity.    
  • We provide educational experiences, learning activities that promote a greater appreciation for diversity.