Women's Forum

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

                                                                      – Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Women engender invaluable contribution to the society. They play manifold roles in all spheres of life by overcoming hard circumstances. But most of their contributions remain unrecognized and unaccredited. Their multifarious talents go wasted. Even things are not very different in societies which claim high literacy rates. To affirm the gender equality and to identify the potentiality of women, Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College (Autonomous) has initiated a Women Forum. This forum serves as a platform to tune a democratic conscience among the girl students community inside and outside the campus. This makes valiant efforts for women emancipation and development. The forum has an active unit of female teachers and girl students from the institution, who initiate and organize events aimed at supporting women. It strives to represent a create equity for women in academic and administration in terms of working conditions at all levels of employment.

The college has established Women’s Forum from the academic year      2017-18, after the participation of our faculty members, Dr. M. Santhi and Dr. P. Anitha, Department of Mathematics in one week Orientation Programme on “Gender Sensitization” organized by Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli.

Our Principal Dr. H. Mohamed Meeran provides constant guidance and support to the activities of women’s forum.

Need for a Women’s Forum in Higher Education Institution

  • To encourage involvement through academic, cultural and outreach activities such as talks, programmes, seminars etc
  • To become a resource centre for women and provide a forum for exchange of ideas
  • To review safety and security measures for female employees and girl students on and off campus
  • The cell intends to bring girl students to the forefront of different activities in the college by offering various facilities and benefits to them
  • It provides a platform for the female students to explore their co-curricular abilities
  • To invite as and when feasible, cultural leaders, scholars, scientists and creative artists, who may or may not be members of the society

Objectives of Women’s Forum

  • To ensure participation of women in integrated development process with greater awareness of their roles, rights and potentials
  • To provide friendly environment to learn, develop and flourish in security
  • To inculcate talent and leadership qualities among girl students
  • To enhance knowledge to become economically independent
  • To integrate programmes focusing legal rights and societal issues
  • To provide skill training to become entrepreneurs
  • To reach out to rural women to enhance their status through productive employment

Highlights of Women’s Forum

Allotment of separate rooms for the women students

  • Arrangement of water facility
  • Availability of newspapers in the women’s rest room
  • Celebration of Samathuva Pongal
  • Organization of Women’s Day competitions like rangoli, cooking, art from waste, hair do, mehandi, jewel making, placards, vegetable carving and cultural events
  • Organization of a workshop for women staff members on women empowerment
  • Orientation programmes for I year women students (new entrants)  every year

Composition of Women’s Forum

Women’s Forum has been constituted with the following members:


        Dr. M. FATHIMA PARVEEN, Assistant Professor of Physics

 Assistant Coordinators:

        Ms. J. SALEEMA KATHOON, Assistant Professor of English
        Ms. K.C. RAIHANATH, Assistant Professor of History


        Dr. S. SEYADALI FATHIMA, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
        Dr. A. MAAJITHA BEGAM, Assistant Professor of Botany
        Dr. K. DEEPALAKSHMI, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA)
        Ms. A. NIHATH NAZLEEN, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
        Ms. L. SARAVANAPRIYA, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
        Dr. K. SHARIFA NIZARA, Assistant Professor of Commerce
        Ms. R. NESHANA, Assistant Professor of Information Technology
        Ms. K. BUSHRA, Assistant Professor of Arabic
        Ms. S. SOPHIA RANI, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
        Ms. M. MUSBIRA BANU, Assistant Professor of Microbiology
        Ms. A. SUBAITHA HASINA, Assistant Professor of Tamil
        Dr. A. KHADIRA SEREENAssistant Professor of Biochemistry

Our college boasts of having 70% women students and the women’s forum has been constituted for the welfare of the women students and staff. The grievance from the women students is directed to the forum members and then the issues are taken to the principal for remedial action.


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International Women’s Day Competitions

  1. Mehandi Designing
  2. Jewel Making
  3. Art From Waste
  4. Card Making
  5. Rangoli
  6. Bridal Makeup