Institutional Distinctiveness

The area distinctive to the vision of the college is to provide the best type of higher education to all, especially to students from, rural agricultural families and other deprived under-privileged section of the Society.

The college founded by Hajee Mohamed Meera Rowther popularly known as Hajee Karutha Rowther was an agriculturalist, a Staunch Nationalist, and Freedom Fighter.  Induced by the essence of the religion, he founded this college in 1956 to provide quality higher education to the Cumbum Valley people. Never in the history of higher education was so much done to so many by so humble a person. This college attained the dignity of being the first seat of higher education in the erstwhile Madurai District. The Founder was not discouraged by his fellow men’s view that the concept of college in the rural area is oxymoron.

After the demise of the founder, his sons and grandsons did not compromise with the vision of the college despite the limited financial resources.  The college had a humble beginning with very few programmes but with firm commitment, now the successors have upgraded the college with 17 UG, 11 PG, 5 M.Phil. programmes and 3 Research Centres.

Best type of Higher Education

To ensure the best type of higher education, the Management keep the vacancies always filled with qualified and talented staff.  Attainment of Autonomy, latest technological teaching and learning facilities including campus free Wi-Fi, LCD projectors in all class rooms, Media Centre, DELNET, N-List, EDZTER and advanced computer and natural science labs exhibit the execution of the vision of the college.

Mission meant to the downtrodden

Over the decades, the college adheres to its vision. It has been providing academic shelter to a large number of BCM, MBC, and SC category students both in regular and self-financing scheme.  No capitation is collected from the students.  The college is now the best academic hub for higher education to the students in Theni District.  The effort of the Management enabled 3,522 BCM, 3626 MBC,1365 SC and 10 ST students to obtain degrees in the last six Academic years and of them a total of 2077 students belonged to the first generation of higher education category.

Upliftment of Women

‘If a woman is educated the whole family is educated’, this unforgettable observation of Jawaharlal Nehru is the case of this college.  The institution had been meant only for men students up to 1993.  Considering the responsibility of empowering women through Higher education, the Management converted the college into a co-educational institution as instructed by the Government.  Therefore, the college admitted women students and such a trend over the years led to the strength of women students numbering out men students.  In the last 6 years a total of 2153 BCM, 1878 MBC and 966 SC women students have obtained degrees.  Affordable quality education, safety and security, operation of 12 buses exclusively for the conveyance of women students, appointment of 64 women professors and hostel facilities have made the women folk of Cumbum Valley seek admission in this college. This desirable change ultimately liberated them from the restricted socio-economic status and paved the way for the establishment of gender equity in the agricultural rural belt.


The Execution of the vision by the administration of the college does not stop with accommodating the downtrodden and providing physical facilities alone. In addition to Government scholarships to the students, financial assistance is extended to the eligible students through Private Scholarships, Baithulmal and Students Welfare Fund.  The fund of Baithulmal is offered to the Muslim students while the Student Welfare Fund is distributed to non-Muslim students.

It is understood from the data that a sum of Rs. 60,86,269/- is distributed as Government scholarship and a sum of Rs. 7,06,114/- is distributed as private scholarship in the last five years.


Over the decades, the Higher education imparted by the college to the deprived class people of the Cumbum Valley has left immense socio-economic impact in the society.  A large number of MBC, BCM, and SC graduates of this college have been leading comfortable life as Teachers, Bank employees, Professors, Soldiers, Lawyers, Police Men, Public servants etc. From the last five batches of students, 24 have joined police force, 66 have joined Army and 2,333 have joined other jobs.  The children of Agricultural coolies are no longer farm workers. The children of illiterate and uneducated are now the proud first generation graduates / post graduates. The higher education acquired has made them people of self-respect experiencing social justice. Similarly, the educated Most Backward, downtrodden and minority students have acquired the leadership qualities to promote the welfare of their respective communities.

In view of the execution of the vision of college the cherished dream of the Founder is near the point of fulfilment. It is no exaggeration to say that this peasant turned patron of higher education has won the hearts of the people of Cumbum Valley.

Institutional Distinctiveness 2022-2023: Miyawaki Initiative