Research Activities

“ If there is no Zeal in research, there is no Zest in teaching”         – Dr. Radhakrishnan

Teaching and Research are two eyes of a growing educational institution.  With a view in mind, our college has been taking all efforts to promote research from its inception.  A conductive research environment is provided with quality infrastructure and resourceful library.  A well – equipped main library and Department libraries are providing source materials for the research scholars. Chemistry Department is equipped with modern laboratory facilities to pursue research for the M.Phil., scholars. 

In order to get access to research journals and articles, modern information technological systems such as Internet, DEL NET and Wi – Fi connections are provided to the scholars in the college campus itself.

When Autonomy was granted to the college in 2013, the Post of Research Dean was created to promote research.  At present    Dr. M. Charles Robert has been serving as the Research Dean. 

Our college is offering five M.Phil., Research programmes in History, Commerce, English, Mathematics and Chemistry.  The Department of Commerce is the recognised Research centre of Ph.D., Programme. Our college is encouraging staff members to undertake Faculty Development Programme (F.D.P), Minor and Major Research Projects from UGC/ CSIR/ ICSSR/ DBT and other private agencies. 

So far our staff members completed 5 Minor Research Projects and 2 Major Research Projects.  Many of our staff members are honoured with prestigious Research awards from various Government and Non Government organisations. 

Our Principal Dr. H. Mohamed Meeran is honoured with many research awards from Indus Foundation, USA., ITSR, Jaipur, Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi, National and International Compendium, New Delhi etc., 61 staff members have obtained Ph.D., Degrees.

The details of Ph.D., holders are given below:

S. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. MURUGAN  P Associate Professor of Tamil
2 Lt. Dr. ABDUL KATHER  M Assistant Professor of Tamil
3 Dr. SELVA KUMAR M Assistant Professor of Tamil (SF)
4 Dr. PALANIVELU  K Assistant Professor of Tamil (SF)
5 Dr. MINNALVIZHI  R Assistant Professor of Arabic (SF)
6 Hajee. Dr. MOHAMED MEERAN  H Principal & Associate Professor of English
7 Dr. AHMED MEERAN  J Assistant Professor of English
8 Dr. VARGHESE JEYARAJ  S Associate Professor of History
9 Hajee. Dr. BASHEER AHAMED MEERAN  M Associate Professor of History
10 Sub. Lt. Dr. PEER MOHAMED  M Associate Professor of History
11 Dr. ANAS BABU T Assistant Professor of History
12 Dr. AMZAD ALI  M Assistant Professor of History
13 Dr. RAMANAN  G Associate Professor of Economics
14 Dr. ABDUL RAHIM  K Associate Professor of Economics
15 Dr. MOHAMED SAMEEM  N Assistant Professor of Economics
16 Dr. PARAMASIVAN  V Assistant Professor of Economics (SF)
17 Dr. WASEEMA YASEEN Assistant Professor of Economics (SF)
18 Dr. THIRUMALAISAMY  T K Associate Professor of Physics
19 Dr. MUJIBER RAHMAN  A Associate Professor of Physics
20 Dr. CHARLES ROBERT  M Associate Professor of Physics
21 Dr. FATHIMA PARVEEN  M Assistant Professor of Physics
22 Dr. PRASANNA SUBRAMANIAN  S Assistant Professor of Physics (SF)
23 Dr. NOOR MOHAMED  S A Associate Professor of Chemistry
24 Hajee. Dr. KAMAL NASAR  M Associate Professor of Chemistry
25 Dr. ABDUL KHADER JAILANI N M Associate Professor of Chemistry
26 Dr. SHAHUL HAMEED  K Assistant Professor of Chemistry
27 Dr. SIVAKUMAR  S Assistant Professor of Chemistry
28 Dr. JANNATHUL FIRDHOUSE  M Assistant Professor of Chemistry
29 Dr. KESAVAN  M P Assistant Professor of Chemistry (SF)
30 Dr. SANTHI  M Associate Professor of Mathematics
31 Dr. SEYADALI FATHIMA  S Assistant Professor of Mathematics
32 Dr. ANITHA  P Assistant Professor of Mathematics
33 Dr. MOHAMED BASHEER S Assistant Professor of Mathematics (SF)
34 Dr. MOHAMED MEERAN  M Assistant Professor of Zoology
35 Dr. ARIFA BANU  K Assistant Professor of Zoology
36 Dr. ASHIQ UR RAHUMAN  M Assistant Professor of Zoology
37 Dr. MOHIDEEN BATCHA  M Assistant Professor of Zoology
38 Dr. RAJA  P Assistant Professor of Zoology (SF)
39 Dr. MAAJITHA BEGAM  A Assistant Professor of Botany
40 Hajee. Dr. ABBAS MANTHIRI  A Associate Professor of Commerce
41 Dr. MOHAMED MANSOOR  A Associate Professor of Commerce
42 Dr. HASAN BANU  S Associate Professor of Commerce
43 Dr. SULTHAN MOHIDEEN  A Assistant Professor of Commerce
44 Dr. SHARIFA NIZARA  K Assistant Professor of Commerce (SF)
45 Dr. AKBAR ALI  B Director of Physical Education
46 Dr. RENGANATHAN  R Librarian
47 Dr. FAIZ AHAMED  S Assistant Professor of Business Administration (SF)
48 Dr. KAVIMANI  P Assistant Professor of Business Administration (SF)
49 Dr. KAJA MYDEEN M Assistant Professor of Commerce (Banking) (SF)
50 Dr. SAJITH AHAMED  A Assistant Professor of Microbiology (SF)
51 Dr. SIVAMANIKANDAN  P Assistant Professor of Microbiology (SF)
52 Dr. THASLEEN FATHIMA J Associate Professor of Information Technology (SF)
53 Dr. THAHIRA N Assistant Professor of Banking (SF)
54 Dr. KHADIRA SEREEN A Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (SF)
55 Dr. THOWFEEK KHAN S Assistant Professor of Banking (SF)
56 Dr. DEEPA S Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (SF)
57 Dr. SATHEESH KUMAR P Assistant Professor of Economics (SF)
58 Dr. ANIS FATHIMA H Assistant Professor of Banking (SF)
59 Dr. MOHAMED ISHAQ M Assistant Professor of Commerce
60 Dr. MOHAMED RAFEEK R Assistant Professor of Tamil
61 Dr. MOHAMED JAFFER A Associate Professor of Commerce
Details of the Research Projects from 2014−15 to 2017−18
Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Funds provided Duration of the project
A study on out of pocket household expenditure on drugs and medical services in Tamilnadu with special reference to Theni district – UGC G. Ramanan Economics 2014-15 Rs.6,26,600/- 36 Months
Cultivation and marketing of Groundnut in Dindigul district – IARA A. Sulthan Mohideen Commerce with Computer Applications 2015-16 Rs.50,000/- 6 Months
Historical Monuments in Madurai (1529-1736)- A Study.- ICHR Study Grant R. Kittur – M. Phil Research Scholar History 2016-17 Rs. 30,000/- 6 Months
Muslims of Uthamapalayam Taluk – ICHR Study Grant M. Mohamed Asraf – M.Phil Research Scholar History 2016-17 Rs. 40,000/- 6 Months
Cultivation and marketing of coconut in Theni district-IARA A.Sulthan Mohideen Commerce 2017-18 Rs.50,000/- 6 Months
At regular intervals our staff members are publishing articles in National and International UGC approved Journals listed in Scopus/ Google Scholar/ Thomson Reuters with impact factor.  The total number of research articles published by our staff members from 2012 to 2018 is given below.
Year No. of Articles Published
2012 – 2013 1
2013 – 2014 8
2014 – 2015 10
2015 – 2016 5
2016 – 2017 14
2017 – 2018 81
At present there are 14 approved Research Guides in the college.  The following is the list of Ph.D., guides.
Sl. No. Name of the Staff Department
1 Dr. H. Mohamed Meeran Principal (Department of English)
2 Dr. S. Hasan Banu Department of Commerce
3 Dr. G. Ramanan Department of Economics
4 Dr. S. Varghese Jayaraj Department of History
5 Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Meeran Department of History
6 Dr. A. Mujiber Rahman Department of Physics
7 Dr. M. Charles Robert Department of Physics
8 Dr. FATHIMA PARVEEN  M Department of Physics
9 Dr. M. kamal Nassar Department of Chemistry
10 Dr. K. Shahul Hameed Department of Chemistry
11 Dr. A. Abbas Manthiri Department of Commerce
12 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Department of Commerce
13 Dr. M. Mohamed Meeran Department of Zoology
14 Dr. B. Akbar Ali Department of Physical Education
The faculties are competent enough to write and publish books with ISBN on different subjects.  Some of the books written by the faculties have been prescribed as standard text books in different Universities and Autonomous Colleges.  The following are the details of the books.
Sl. No. Name of the Staff Title Publication Year of Publication
1 Mr. M. Abdul Samad Contribution of Muslims to Indian Freedom Struggle(Tamil) Foundation of Humanitarian Development, Nagercoil 1999
Islam and Religious Harmony(Tamil) Foundation of Humanitarian Development, Nagercoil 2000
Human Values in Islam(Tamil), Volumes I, II, III Foundation of Humanitarian Development, Nagercoil 2001
Chakkarappalli Thantha Chemmal(Tamil) Self 1995
Thiyagathin Niram Patchai(Tamil) Self 1998
The Heroic Footsteps of Tamil Muslim(Tamil) Self 2000
Collection of Essays Status of Muslims(Tamil) Self 2002
Expressions of Unknown Life and Culture of Muslims(Tamil) International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai 2004
Contributions of Philanthropist Abdur Rahim and Modern Thoughts(Tamil) Self 2005
Al-hikma Arivu Karuvoolam(Editor) Al-hikma Trust 2003
 ‘Central and State Welfare Schemes for Muslims’(Editor) Islamic Trust 2008
‘Aayvu Aranga Kovai (Editor) Islamiya Elakkiya Kazhagam, Chennai 2010
2 Dr. K. Maideen Thirukkural-Periya Puranam, Kurum Arasiyalum Samuthyamum(Tamil) Aruma Publisher, Koradacheri, Thanjavur 2009
Pandaiya Samuthayam(Tamil) Aruma Publisher, Koradacheri, Thanjavur 2009
Thirukkuraanil Samay Nallinakkamum Palsamaya Uravugalum Aruma Publisher, Koradacheri, Thanjavur 2010
3 Dr. G. Ramanan Changes of Indian Economy in the Post- liberalization Scenario The Associated Publishers, Ambala Cantt. 2009
4 Dr. S. Varghese Jeyaraj History of  Science and Technology ANNS Publications 1997 and 2004
Periyar Neerthekka Thittam, Oru Pasumai Vilasathin Varlalaru Pavai Publications 2003
5 Dr. S. Amanullah Astronomy for Beginners TAJ Publications 2000
6 Dr. G. Selvaraj Ancillary Botany Self 2008
Forest Biodiversity Volume I and Volume II Associated Publishing Company, New Delhi 2008
7 Dr.K.Saleem Khan Industrial Organisation Merit India, Madurai 2000
8 Dr. S. Amanullah Koolangal Pavai Publications 2007
Landscape Assessment Cumbum Valley PSG 2000
9 Dr.M. Mohamed Sheriff Cyclic or Acyclic Proceedings of International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science, Loyala College, 2007
Generalisation of Group Order Proceedings of the National Conference on Algebra , Graph Theory and their Applications,Tirunelveli 2007
Does Lagrange’s Theorem Fail? Proceedings of the National Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics Modeling 2008
10 Dr. J. Mohamed Ali Financing Schemes to Women Entrepreneurs Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi 2002
E-Commerce and Consumers Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi 2003
Impact of Information Technology on Investment Northern Book Centre, New Delhi 2003
Entrepreneurship in Micro Enterprises Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi 2004
Marketing Information System Excel Publishers, New Delhi 2006
Bench Marking Supply Chain Management Strategy Excel Publishers, New Delhi 2006
A Study on Reducing Failures and Dropout of Students in Higher Education ACCST Research Journal 2007
Advanced Cost Accounting AMRN 2005
Advanced Statistics AMRN 2005
Investment Analysis AMRN 2005
11 Mrs. G. Manonmani Introduction to C++ Publisher 2005
Graphics Publisher 2005
Networks Publisher 2005
S.No. Name of the Author Title of the Book Year of Publication ISBN
1 Dr. S. Varghese Jeyaraj History of Science and Technology 2010 81-7735-904-5
2 Dr. S. Varghese Jeyaraj Socio Economic History of Tamilnadu, 1565 – 1967 2017
3 Dr. S. Varghese Jeyaraj Zamindari System in Tamilnadu – Madurai 2009 9788177358087
4 Dr. S. Varghese Jeyaraj Tamilnattil Zamindari Murai – Madurai Mavattam (Tamil) 2010 9788177358826
5 Dr. S. Varghese Jeyaraj Mullai Periyaru – Vaigai Anaikkattugalin Pasumai Varalaru (Tamil) 2012 9788177356960
6 Dr. M. Abdul Kathar Cumbum Pallathakil Isulamum Tamilum
7 Dr. J. Ahamed Meeran and Mr. S. Mohamed Rowther Changing Trends in English Language Teaching (Edited) 2015 978-93-84193-35-5
8 B.S. Safina Environmental Studies (Tamil) 2014 978-81-2342-622-8
9 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen A Hand book of Abbreviations 2012 9789380509129
10 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Dictionary of Commerce 2013 978-93-805009297
11 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Cost Accounting 2014
12 Dr. G. Ramanan E. Banking in Rural Economy (Edited) 978-81-929315-5
13 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Business Accounting 2013 978-93-80509419
14 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Business Organisation 2014
15 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen and Mr. M. Mohamed Ishaq Retail Marketing 2015 9789380509532
16 Dr. M. Abdul kathar S.S. Pakaviin Valvoom Varalarum (Tamil) 2011
17 Mr. Mohamed Ishaq, Mr. P. Seenivasan and Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Impact of Globalisation (Edited) 9789384193263
18 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen , Mr. Mohamed Ishaq, Mr. P. Seenivasan Higher Education in India – Issues and Concerns (Edited) 978-93-85108-26-6
19 Mr. P. Seenivasan and Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Emerging Trends in Marketing (Edited) 978-93-84-193-00-3
20 Dr. M. Syed Meera Lebbai , Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen, Mr. M. Mohamed Ishaq Marketing Strategies (Edited) 978-93-80509-47-1
21 Dr. M. Syed Meera Lebbai , Mr. M. Mohamed Ishaq, Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen India’s foreign Trade Opportunities and Challenges (Edited) 878-93-84193-15-7
22 Dr. A. Abbas Manthiri, Dr. A. Mohamed Sali, Mr. M. Mohamed Ishaq, Dr.A. Sulthan Mohideen Digital India – Challenges Ahead (Edited) 2016 9789384193812
23 Dr. M. Syed Meera Lebbai, Mr. M. Mohamed Ishaq, Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Digital India – Problems and Prospects (Edited) 2016 9789384193836
24 Mr. Mohamed Ishaq, Mr. P. Seenivasan , Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen A Collection of Commerce Research Articles in honour of Dr. M. Syed Meera Lebbai (Festschrift) 2016
25 Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen Serivces Marketing 2017
26 Dr. K. Abdul Rahim and Mr. G. Ponnambalam Implications of E – Banking in Rural India 2016 9789384193355
27 Dr. A. Abbas Manthiri, Dr. A. Mohamed Sali, Dr. A. Hasan Banu Recent Trends in Commerce and Management (Vol.1) UGC Approved Journal 2017 ISSN.2320-4168
28 Dr. A. Mohamed Sali, Dr. A. Mohamed Mansoor, Mr. Mohamed Ishaq, Mr. K. Rasool Mydeen, Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen, Recent Trends in Commerce and Management (Vol.2) UGC Approved Journal 2017 ISSN.2320-4168
31 Dr. A. Mujiber Rahman Introduction to Astro Physics 978-93-86712-25-7
32 Department of Tamil இக்கால இலக்கியம் கவிதையும் புனைகதையும் 2017 978-81-2343-404-9
33 Department of Tamil காப்பியமும் நாடகமும் 2018 978-81-2343-750-7
34 Dr. H. Mohamed Meeran Dr. H. Ahamed Meeran Emerging Practices in English Language Teaching and Literature 2017
35 R. Mohamed Rafeek எங்கே இருக்கிறாய் கேத்தரின்? (கட்டுரைத் தொகுப்பு) 2018 978818-7641711
36 Dr. M. Jannathul Firdhouse and Dr. P. Lalitha Applications of reduced graphene oxide synthesized using plant extracts 2018 978-3330089556
Research Orientation programmes are given to the students and research scholars from P.G. Level.  With the thrust given to research, our college has gained place in Scopus Indexed Journal publications.  In the future, the college is expected to touch and emerge state level research centre.