Medical and Health Center

In recent years, the higher educational institutions have undergone tremendous changes and have turned the attention of the Managements towards the physical and mental health conditions of the stakeholders. Owing to drastic changes in the nature of work and the increase in the volume of work, the staff and the students find very little time to think about their health. Such a major carelessness make them to arrive at the College campus with health problems like asthma, malnutrition, flu, physical disorders, diabetics, unbalanced blood pressures and stress. To help them to overcome these health ailments, a medical and health care centre has been running in the campus with the following objectives.

  • To provide medical counselling and advice.
  • To provide medical treatment and first aid.
  • To promote healthy lifestyle and healthy food habits.
  • To provide the basic emergency medicines at free of cost.

The women students attend the college after completing their chores at home, sometimes even without taking breakfast. Since most of the women students are from poor and down trodden social background, they cannot afford to pay the medical expenses, so they ignore minor health related problems like giddiness and nausea.

Moreover a good number of teaching faculty members is women. Being women they are affected with maternity and post-maternity health issues like blood pressures and diabetics. These problems among the staff and the students have created an imperative necessity to establish a medical health care unit.

To fulfil the basic medical needs, the College Management has setup a Medical and Health Care Centre. Mrs. T. Pethiammal, DFNA (Diploma in Female Nursing Assistant), a qualified staff nurse is available during working hours to provide the first aid medical facility for the basic and urgent requirements.

Treatment is given for flu, nausea, fever, sprains, cough, stomach pain, dysentery, giddiness and common ailments. The faculty members avail this facility by checking their diabetic level, pulse and blood pressure. Medicines are supplied at free of cost by the College Management and it takes special care for the maintenance of the medical facility every year. In case of emergency, medical attention is reported, first- aid is provided and shifted to the Taluk Head Quarter Government Hospital located just one kilometre away from the College.