Community college of Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College functions to develop skill in the field of Mushroom cultivation. It would meet the needs of people in unorganized sector. Community College is considered to be an alternative system of Education initiated during 1995 in South India. The Vision of the Community College is to empower the disadvantaged and the underprivileged people. By imparting appropriate skills through the mushroom training programmes they will be made profitably employed. The major endeavor is to reinstate the human right to education denied, to the unreached to earn their business. It focuses on promoting profession oriented, job related, skills-based and life coping education. It mainly concentrates on the rural poor and the women.

A mushroom is described as the “fruiting body of a fungus plant that typically appears above the ground and contains spores”. It is this fleshy bracket (fruiting body) that is commonly eaten and which reproduces by dispersing spores in the same way that other plants disperse seeds. Instead of drawing nutrients through the roots, fungi are sustained by a network of fine, microscopic threads known collectively as the “mycelium”. This network can extend over vast distances, implanting into rotting wood, soil, or other preferred medium. 


  • To train the school dropouts and women in mushroom cultivation
  • To encourage self employment
  • To familiarize the field of Mushroom cultivation


Motivating the school dropouts and women to undergo training in mushroom cultivation. 

Composition of the Community College

S. No




Mr. P.Sivamanikandan,
Department of Microbilology



Dr. M. Mohideen Batcha,
Department of Zoology