Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College Alumni Association

An ‘Alumni Association’ is an association of the former students of an educational institution

Formation of Alumni Association:
The Silver Jubilee of our college was celebrated in 1981. At that time we intended to organise our Alumni Association. The long-cherished dream became a reality three decades ago. From then on, the enrolment started. The response was encouraging, every year voluntary enrolment kept increasing. The Alumni Association was formally established in 2002. Prof. G. Govindarajan, Head, Department of Physics, was the First President of the Association.

Congenial Atmosphere:
In the opinion of our former students, their Alma Mater shaped their character, career and charisma. They owe a great measure of ineptness to their mother institution. They consider it even now as their second cradle. The hostel, the inmates say, was a microcosm in a macrocosm. They enjoyed learning, playing and participating in social activities. They were groomed into loyal citizens of the land.

Association Activities:
The Association is well-organized. There are office bearers working round the clock. They periodically arrange Alumni-Meets. On such occasions, the senior alumni make friends with their juniors. The fellow feeling of being birds of a feather unites them

Work Done by Alumni:
Our Alumni did not touch anything that they did not adorn. Their chosen fields of activity may vary but their devotion to duty is admirable and unforgettable. Be it in the field of education, medicine, engineering, film making, journalism, judiciary, politics, the enthusiastic alumni have made their mark as outstanding achievers.

Service in India and Abroad:
Our College management need not publish advertisements with regard to admission. Every member of the association becomes a good will courier across the country and enhances the rate of admission. They are the international ambassadors of our culture. Great indeed is their service in spreading our fame overseas

With a view to encouraging students in their academic pursuit, they have donated considerable amount meant for distribution of prizes and improving the infrastructure of our college.

Enrolment of Alumni:
The college web-site bears an Alumni link. Our fervent appeal to those who have not yet become members is to join the energetic team of alumni to eliminate illiteracy, enhance human dignity, and make our mother land a country of well-known for its unity religious amity and prosperity

Our college is a nest of singing birds;

Can anyone glorify it with mere words?


Sl.NameDesignationMail IDMobileNo
1.Dr. G. RamananPresidentprof.ramanan@gmail.com9894837007
2.Dr. S. Faiz AhamedSecretarydrsfaizahamed@gmail.com9597844495
3.Mr. K.A. Sheik FareedJoint Secretarysheikonmail@gmail.com9944723927
4.Dr. N. Mohamed SameemTreasurermsameem74@gmail.com9994666116

The main objectives of our Alumni Association are

  1. To offer a healthy platform in the get-together functions with our illustrious alumni who are high achievers, well-settled in various parts of the globe and also to influence employment opportunities to the aspiring needy present students and alumni anywhere possible by interaction and inspiration.
  2. To provide an intellectual support to the present students of our college as knowledge partners by delivering guest / special lectures here to shape their life both academically and extra-academically.
  3. To care for economically backward but meritorious category of current students of our college by offering scholarship to become scholars and good citizens of the country.
  4. To encourage our alumni and philanthropists to extend their support for adding infrastructural facilities, industry- Interactions and construction of buildings in our college campus.
  5. To assist our college authorities in the overall growth of college by inviting top-ranking officials of the Government, University, other educational agencies, private and public sector undertakings who are enjoying excellent status in the society.

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