Department of Business Administration

Successful new business ventures and economic developments are  the  results  of  the  right  environment ,planning  efforts  and  innovation. ‘Management  Studies’  are   a  body   of Systematised  knowledge  accumulated  and  accepted  with  reference  to  the  understanding  of  general  truths  concerning  management . Management  studies  is  not  as  comprehensive  and  accurate  as  physical  sciences . However, great strides have been made in Management   studies in systematising knowledge and generalising certain truths. Management needs a social science, a term which accurately describes its true matter.

The  Department  of  Management  Studies  was  started  in  the  year 1994  and  has  become  a  portal  of  managerial  excellence. The Department was also granted   permanent affiliation by Madurai-kamaraj University. The  Department  has  several  unique  features  in  the  dissemination  and  promotion  of  knowledge  by  providing  instructional  and  small  research  facilities. The Department offers   BBA,  B.Com (Banking),    B.Com (computer    Application)   and   M.Com. (Computer   Application) with a total placement focus. The  curriculum  of  the  Department  attracts  the  attention  of  companies  which  are  involved  in  banking,  foreign  trade  and  Capital  markets  and  small  research  activities  are  also  undertaken  the  Department  in  the  above  areas. 

The Department  of  Management  Studies  provides  a  well  planned  computer  centre  equipped  with  the  latest  software  packages  and  multimedia  kit  and  unlimited  access  to  internet  facilities. The  Department  conducts  a  number  of  Management  Development  Programmes  like  seminars, group  discussions, workshops  and  symposia  regularly. The  Department  enjoys  a  good  track  record  both  in  university  examination results  and placement.

The course provides  the opportunity to the students to  go forward in the broadest range of professional directions and build sound and rewarding careers to compete effectively in today`s fast paced world and that are valued by society.


To inculcate managerial skills and leadership qualities in future managers through innovative learning methodology, continuous improvement, cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering commitment to academic quality.


  • To create a pool of managers with high values and competencies by imparting exemplary education and training to add value to the society.
  • To develop passion for knowledge, team work and a earning attitude.


  • To develop decision making skills and problem solving
  • To develop leadership skills and management skills
  • To enable the student to assess and evaluate the internal and external elements of the business environment
  • To create an awareness of the ethical considerations in the conduct of business and an appreciation of the importance of business ethics and social responsibility in the decision making pr


Faculty Members:





Mr. A. ABDUL HAKEEM, M.Com., M.Phil., SET.

Associate Professor & Head


Dr. S. FAIZ AHAMED, M.Com., M.Phil., PGDCA., SET., Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor


Dr. P. KAVIMANI, M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., SET.

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor


Ms. S. ASHA BANU, M.B.A., M.Com., HDCA.,

Assistant Professor